Three Reasons Your Business Needs IT Support Services

September 21, 2016

As your business continues to flourish and evolve, it is only natural to look for ways to save money in any place that you can. Many business owners try to handle IT issues and all related challenges in-house using their own staff. This tends to work for a while, but it will soon unlock a whole new world of issues that you may not be prepared for. There are three reasons in particular why your business needs IT support.

A dedicated IT staff will have greater knowledge about IT servers, network security, and installation than non-IT staff. This gives them a major advantage in evaluating and reorganizing your IT equipment to ensure it complements your overall IT and business strategy. (more…)

Do You Know How Important Cyber Security Is for Your Small Business?

September 20, 2016

Cybersecurity is important for companies of all sizes. Small businesses are just as much at risk for cyberattacks as larger companies, and should be prepared for a breach at all times. If you are running a small business there is no doubt that you have some vital and sensitive information about your company and its customer’s stored online.

It becomes more difficult for small businesses to cope with these attacks as they generally have fewer technical resources, time and funds compared to larger companies. As a result, many of the issues are resolved without the help of a security expert, which can lengthen the problem or make it worse. (more…)