Residential Services

Group of technicians repair hard driveData Recovery

We offer free evaluations of hard drives that have crashed, are damaged or have become corrupt. We support all types of hard drives from all operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS, and from all makes and models of computers including Dell, Sony, Toshiba. Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Emachines, Asus, Hewlett Packard (HP) and of course Apple.

technical support call center operator and teamOnsite & Remote Computer Assistance

In many situations, your computer or laptop can be fixed quickly via the Remote Assistance service. The ability to work remotely not only gets your issue solved much quicker, it also helps make the world a greener place by allowing us to keep one more car off the road.

online-backupOnline Backup

Our online backup service allows your data to be stored off-site, safely and securely, protecting against computer failure, theft, fire or other disaster. An online backup process is auto-run and requires an initial configuration; then you’ll be able to just set it and forget it knowing you have peace of mind your online data backup has you covered.

securedatabackupSecure Data Backup provides a wide range of data backup, allowing you to rest assured that your most important asset – your data – is secure in the event of disaster, corruption or other technical issues.

wireless-network-setupWireless Network Setup

We design, install, troubleshoot, repair and service all types of wireless networks, including enabling security, configuring firewalls and establishing VPN connectivity