Small Business IT

Group of people holding the IT EXPERT written speech bubbleManaged IT Services

At, we provide a complete range of IT services geared toward the small business client, including help desk, server management, data backup, remote monitoring, networking, and more. managed IT services provides complete protection for all your technical needs, and gives you 24/7 assurance you can count on.

With our managed IT services, you can effectively lower your IT costs while giving your small business the level of support that was only previously available to businesses with a dedicated IT staff.

wireless-network-setupNetwork Setup & Security

At, we understand the importance and value of your data, and how much your company relies on the instant, secure access of it. We offer planning, network design, network installation, troubleshooting, repair and service of all types of wireless networks.  Our computer experts will enable your security systems to ensure the integrity of your date.  Our network set-up and security services include configuring firewalls and establishing VPN connectivity.

Our team of network and security experts will help with set up, network security settings and will provide quality networking services and support. Whether it’s a LAN, VPN, or simply protecting your infrastructure from hackers, we install and design networks that lower the network’s cost of ownership – reducing your cost!

disasterplanrecoveryDisaster Planning & Recovery

Disaster planning is a necessary process to undertake. Every business needs insurance against disasters that can cripple your business, such as fire, flood, theft or other damage. offers full disaster recovery services, including multi-tiered backup solutions.

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place ensures business continuity even in the event of some unforeseen event. By addressing the worst-case scenarios, assures ongoing performance and productivity – even when everything else has gone wrong.